Stripped Down (2017)

Destiny gave the brothers Nate and Brian the upper hand in the past. Their strip club had the sexiest reputation to be a sexy place in the city, and cash. New girls gathered every day to grace the difficult and VLP rooms. Life is one big lap dance. But after three years, Nate’s wife, Chanel Preston, decided to do some trouble, and a star dancer, Isabelle’s Club (Anne Foksksks), went straight to the middle. The owner of the building, Veronica (Alan Cruz), the circle, asking questions, and she’s watching Brian. The business that was so full of happy endings is becoming more and more severe. Where’s the rent? Where’s the new talent to keep customers happy? And who the hell stole all the receipts from Nate’s desk? When Nate and Brian Look at their girls working on the pole, it’s just a matter of time before they get into trouble. Will the club survive?